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About Us/Bio

Hillary Abrams is the owner and president of ElderCare Companions, Inc.  She began her career in healthcare in the early 1990's, in various roles of the pharmaceutical industry. She was continuously educated and trained in many disease states affecting the aging population.

In 2002, she realized the importance of take care of aging loved ones when she became a caregiver to her mother during a period of health issues. Hillary took a leave of absence from work to help her mother recover from several major surgeries. This experience motivated her to help others during similar, stressful times, and resulted in transitioning into the eldercare/ home care business.

She and her staff communicate daily with families and medical professionals about the appropriate level of care for aging and disabled adults.  They have been in your shoes and understand the dynamics of care needed for a family member's safety and well-being.

Hillary's passion for the elderly inspired her to write an award-winning handbook, "Aging Parents and Options in Care- A Simple Handbook". She speaks regularly to employees in corporations and various groups about issues with their aging loved ones.

Hillary and her dedicated team volunteer their time and support with numerous organizations and foundations in the Atlanta Area.


In Loving Memory
July 25, 2016

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Eldercare Companions utilizes for extensive background checks on regular basis.

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